Plain Clip

Plain Clip 2.4.1

Remove annoying formatting issues when cutting and pasting


  • Eliminates text formatting issues
  • Works with hotkeys and launch apps


  • No GUI


Plain Clip is a simple application with no Graphical User Interface (GUI) that removes annoying text formatting from text on the clipboard.

If you've ever cut and pasted something and then found that the resulting paste is littered with formatting issues, strange bullet points etc, you'll understand why Plain Clip is so useful. Plain Clip can be activated with a hotkey or launcher application such as Spark, LaunchBar or QuickSilver. There are very few other preferences however. Its recommended that you setup a hotkey or use a launch application to launch it though because its annoying to have to manually start it everytime you want to remove erroneous formatting issues from text.

Plain Clip is effective, lightweight and gets rid of strange formatting issues when copying and pasting in an instant.

Will also remove soft hyphens.


  • Will also remove soft hyphens.
Plain Clip


Plain Clip 2.4.1

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